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Blokus Board Game

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We were introduced to Blokus about a year ago by friends. My husband enjoyed the competition so much that I bought him his own game but it has sat still wrapped in our closet, until last night. We actually had people to play it with.Blokus was released in 2000 and quickly won all sorts of awards. It has won: The 2003 Good Toy Award by ASTRA, National Competition Winner Mensa Select, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products 2003, Teachers' Choice Learning Magazine, and the 2005 T.O.T.Y. Nominee award.

Blokus was originally manufactured by Educational Insights but Mattel purchased this particular game in January, 2009.

The game plays 2-4 players, but so many times we wished we could have had 6 players. It seems every time we played in the past and including last night, we had at least 6 wanting to play.

The ages are ranked 5 to adult. We played with a 13 year old girl, which is so far the youngest we've experienced and she did very well. I am not sure about ages 5-10, but if your child likes strategy, they can at least place their game tiles down, even if they don't grasp the strategic part of the play.

You have a plastic silver game board and 4 colors.

Each player selects a color of tiles.

Tile color choices are blue, yellow, red and green. You also play in that color order.

Each player places down the tile of their choice in the corner of the board closest to them.

Each game piece (tile) is almost like candy applie coating - it's a transparent plastic tile or segments of tiles that are in different angles. I try not to choose red because I may just try to eat it. But seriously, watch other players as they may try to snap their game tiles apart and cheat.

The tiles go from 1 up to 5 segments.

As you place a piece down, the object is to spread your tiles across the game board and to also block other players from getting in your way. However, this is where the strategy comes in ... in placing your 2nd tile down, you can only allow a corner of your next piece touch a previous corner of another piece of yours already down. (see pictures). Once you let go, that's it - your piece is down and played. Other players do the same and in turn you quickly find you are finding less and less places to put a piece. But, if you are clever and anticipate a player's move that's before you, you can prevent a bad mistake on your part. You always have to be one step ahead of the other players. Try to have a 2nd move in case they block you.

I have taken pictures of 4 game pieces so you can see them in the sunlight.

Players will begin to drop out because they will have too many pieces left and not enough squares on the board to place them. The game continues until the last player has no more moves.

Winner shouts, "Blokus!"

In the pictures I took from last night, I was green and won. I had 9 segments left (a combination of different game pieces that totalled 9 little segments). But everyone else had more, so I won. Of course my husband was getting help from the two teenage boys we were playing with and I still won.

Note: Husbands and Wives should use caution when playing this game together. It could cause sleepitis couchitis - meaning, someone will be sleeping on the couch that night because one of you will win and leave the other as a sore loser.