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Blow Up Camping Pillow By Intex

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I want to do this particular review, mainly because I believe in this Intex product. We are talking about something very basic, very simple, just a pillow you blow up. There is nothing fantastic about this, unless you have slept with no pillow at all, then you realise just how important something like this really is.

I have "made do" without a pillow in the past, I utilised an old pillow case stuffed with a couple of jumpers or whatever was handy, but now I have a blow-up pillow, I realise how good they are. I take it camping, and nights away while truck driving. I am not comparing this Intex pillow with one stuffed with feathers, but compared with nothing, it is brilliant.

I had heard of these products long ago, but after trying various camping shops, plus local high street shops, I had given up on finding one, but right out of the blue, a friend of mine came round to offer me his! I accepted it of course, thinking it could not possibly be any good. However, I took it in my wagon on a night away, and found that it was perfect, it takes up little or no room, weighs practically nothing, and does the job a treat!

Due to its small size, It's very quick to inflate, and let down too. There is no need for a pump or compressor. It is also very comfortable, I usually slide a pillowcase over it, then insert a sweatshirt just for extra padding. I have the option of taking a real pillow with me, but I always resist, knowing I will have a good night's sleep with my little Intex. I will list the size, but check out the pictures for the best guide.

Good points:-

A Comfortable Fabric Top

Size: 17" x 11" x 3.5"

Navy blue and green, possibly other colours too.

Perfect for camping and travel

Easy and quick to inflate and deflate.

Bad points:-

errr . . .Some people will prefer a bigger pillow than this. I can't think of any more bad points.

This is a quality Item, made by Intex, they are an international company from the US, most of their manufacturing however, is contracted out to China, and they also make smaller items, like these pillows and airbeds, boats and swimming gear, right up to full size swimming pools! They make "home airbeds, designed to be spare beds, as comfortable as a real one. These have fabric covered tops, a foam memory mattress, and are as high as a normal bed.

I suppose it's only a matter of time before my Intex pillow gets a puncture, then I will mess around sticking patches on it, probably to no avail. Then I will remember it will cost me about three pounds to replace it, which has to be cheap! So, If you want to snuggle up to something sexy and cuddly, get a randy partner! If you need a pillow that's better than an old jumper at night, I can recommend one of these.