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Blue Buffalo Healthy Pet Foods

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Blue Buffalo is a holistic brand of dog and cat foods that consist of high quality ingredients and healthy for your pet. I came across "Blue" just about two years ago when I could not find Solid Gold food for our dachshund in this area. It was comparable and close to the same price. Now, I know many people won't spend $2.79 per can for dog food, but considering it doesn't have a bunch of harmful fillers, sugars and added junk, I know our dog is eating well. Plus, we also give him Blue Buffalo Dry Food for Adult Dogs and he is very healthy, with a shiny coat.

There are so many varieties of Blue Buffalo and you can see them on their website byclicking here. Blue's dry food is available for puppies and adult dogs. The one Chopper, our dachshund eats is the Chicken and Brown Rice recipe. When I first gave this to him, he would pick out the little vitamin pieces that are round and dark, called "Lifesource Bits" and actually vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. He would lay them on the side of his dish, so I started using them as treats and eventually he ate them along with the rest of his food. These little bits help to boost their immune system too, so he doesn't need any extra vitamins.

Right now, Chopper has the chicken with garden vegetables and brown rice and the lamb with garden vegetables and brown rice. He's had the beef and venison versions too. They make other varieties, such as Blue Wilderness that has a wolf on the label. That can is a high protein food and recommended every so often, only because of its high protein content. It costs around 10 cents more per can.

Blue Homestyle Recipes are as follows:

Large Breed dog Chicken with garden vegetables and brown rice

Fish and Sweet Potato with garden vegetables

Small Breed dog Chicken with garden vegetables and brown rice

Chicken Dinner with garden vegetables and brown rice

Lamb Dinner with garden vegetables and brown rice

Beef Dinner with garden vegetables and sweet potatoes

Hearty Venison Dinner with garden vegetables and sweet potatoes

Turkey Meatloaf with carrots and sweet potatoes

Salmon Dinner with sweet potatoes and fresh asparagus

Blue Longevity comes in one flavor and is for Puppies, Adult and Mature dogs. We haven't tried those because honestly, I have not seen them here.

There are 4 varieties of stews that I haven't yet seen in our Pet stores, but they include:

Country Chicken Stew, Hearty Beef Stew, Tasty Turkey Stew and Irish Lamb Stew.

Or, you can get fancier and buy:

Chicken Pot Pie, Backyard BBQ, Thanksgiving Feast or Turducken - all of which I haven't seen but sure hope I can find them because I know Chopper will love these flavors!

All of Blue Buffalo's canned foods have real veggies and they are even diced like what we would eat.

Blue's promise to you and me is that the first ingredient in all of their foods is REAL meat; No chicken or poultry by-product meats; no corn, wheat or soy, and no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.

Their toll-free number is on each can, so check out the website, but a can and then see if your pet loves them too.

I haven't tried Blue for our cat because she's still stuck on strictly Salmon from either Tractor Supply's brand or Fancy Feast and since she's 17, she can eat whatever she wishes.