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Blue Ray Dvd Player By Sony

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rosehill By rosehill on
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Blue-Ray - just exactly what does it do and why is it better? Those were my questions when I was shopping around for a new Blue-Ray DVD Player at Best Buy. Once I saw the clear, crisp picture on display I got it and so they had me. Then I heard the Dolby stereo surround sound and felt like I was part of the action in the movie. The picture quality is fantastic and at 1080p the best on the market, there is nothing else out there that can trump this crystal clear picture. The picture quality is six times better than the previous 1080i, imagine that. If you have an HD-TV then the Sony Blue Ray player is absolutely the way to go. Just hook it up with an HDMI cable for best results.

This Sony Blue Ray player has 7.1 channels of Dolby surround sound, which means you can hook up 7 speakers. How is that for surround sound? The standard used to be 5.1 channels - now with 7.1 channels you can add 2 more speakers in the rear, for a total of 4 speakers in the back. The ultimate sound experience. Two sub woofers, enough to rattle the windows at our house.

The only thing I am not all that happy about is that I find the remote control a bit daunting, but then I seem to have that hang up with all my remote controls. After a couple tries I figured it out, just don't ask me to get really fancy with it:)

Overall I am impressed and delighted with the performance of the Sony BDPS300 and feel it is well worth the price. One more thing, you can still play your regular DVDs if you want, but only the Blue-Ray DVDs will give you the full Blue Ray effect.