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Blue Ant Bluetooth Needs Improvements

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Here in California it is now illegal to drive a car while talking on your cell phone so the necessity for a bluetooth device became an inevitable device I would have to purchase.

You would think this would be an easy thing to find considering the vast or array of bluetooth headsets out there, but I unfortunately have a problem with wearing things on my ears (i.e. sunglasses or headbands give me horrible headaches) so I wasn't looking forward to wearing anything like that in or around my ear.

It was in that vein of reasoning that I began to look at the speaker type headsets that are out there on the market and arrive at the purchase of a "BlueAnt" Bluetooth device.

The "BlueAnt" is a small Ipod sized device that you can clip on to your visor of your car.

It seemed like it was an answer to my prayers and I eagerly snapped it up. I wish I done some research or at least some message board searching to see how people were faring with it.

Unfortunately I didn't and I ended up with a device that sucked battery life like a vacuum cleaner, it constantly needed to be recharged even after the shortest of trips and eventually, less than a month later, it stopped working all together.

There is nothing more irritating than trying to pick up a call and they are able to hear everything your saying but you are unable to hear them.

The point behind having a hands free device was to be within the law and for safety. When someone calls you while you are on the road and the device hangs up on them the only solutions are to either dial while your driving, thus breaking the law, or pull the car over and call them back on your cell phone, making both the safety and convenience issues mute.

I guess in retrospect even above the annoying mechanical issues, I missed the privacy of a conversation between me and one person because the caller talks through a speaker my son was often privy to their conversations. I had to issue a disclaimer before every call to ensure their privacy wasn't being jeopardized!

I should also mentioned that my husband and I purchased the same system and he had the same disappointing results, I think his lasted a bout a month longer than mine and for the $100+ per unit we spent a 2 to 3 month working time makes it a very costly deal.