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Board With This Paint Review.Blackboard Paint.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Household Board Blackboard Interior Paint

OK, this may sound a little out of date, but I needed to find a Blackboard for one of the Kids. I do appreciate Blackboards are a little dated now, what with the advent of Whiteboards and all manner of Touch sensitive screens, but when a simple Blackboard is requested for a Child's bedroom, then that is what you have to come up with.

My first thought was to find an old School Blackboard that was no longer needed, no joy there. I then thought about a sheet of plywood covered ina black vinyl, so some sort of a white marker could be used. This apparently would not be a "Real" Blackboard, so again, out of the question.

Eventually, it dawned on me that a good old fashioned blackboard, was simply a sheet of material, painted with a suitable paint. I was thinking of any old Matt black paint, and wondering just how chalk would write on it. I never even got to try this, as while browsing through my local Wilkinson's, II spotted a tin of "Blackboard Paint"! Brilliant I thought, the answer to the problem. I paid some £4.99 for the 500ml tin, and rushed home. I found a piece of Blockboard, cut it to the right size, and set about painting it. I would have used Primer, but this already had a coat of emulsion on, so thought I would just slap a coat of this Blackboard paint on, & then decide if it needed another coat. I was sure that one coat would not be enough, so didn't apply the paint too thick, and was not trying to make it cover in one go. I was surprised to find though, when dry, that the finish was perfect, no sign of the dark brown Emulsion, no brush marks, and a surface that was perfect for Chalking on.

I had intended fitting a frame around the outside, as the corners were a little rounded, however, this was exactly the effect my Daughter wanted, in fact, she likes the distressed look.

The finish was impressive, and would take any colour chalk. I was pleased how easily it went on, and how easily the brush was to clean. Being water based, you simply run it under the tap. I actually like to use warm soapy water to make sure the brush is spotlessly clean.

The tin is a good size to hold, and the lid goes on tightly, meaning the paint can be kept for another occasion.

I can not recommend this paint too highly.