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I love Bob Marley, his music had a kind of originality, and it really cheers me up. There has been a sort of Bob Marley revival, which I'm glad to see as it means I can play it almost whenever I want without as many complaints from my friends. There’s no question that reggae is legitimately part of the larger culture of rock and roll, partaking of its full heritage of social forces and stylistic influences. In Marley’s own words, “Reggae music, soul music, rock music - every song is a sign.” Marley’s own particular symbolism derived from his beliefs as a Rastafarian - a sect that revered Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (a.k.a. Ras Tafari) as a living god who would lead oppressed blacks back to an African homeland - and his firsthand knowledge of the deprivations of the Jamaican ghettos. His lyrics mixed religious mysticism with calls for political uprising, and Marley delivered them in a passionate, declamatory voice.

He may be dead, but his songs live on. He was the Reggae voice of Jamaica. His songs are full of hope and freedom. He is a symbol of unity, of what can be achieved. He gives hope to people who need it, courage and optimism. His songs brace all cultures, hit every heart of every person. He is the inspiration behind black music. He put Jamaica on the map. But, all his talents and all the fame in the world could not save him from death.

I bought this album because I was impressed, I popped the CD on and instantly track after track, I was getting down to the sounds of Bob Marley. I actually listened to the words and begin to see the truth in his music. I love this album. If I had the choice between this album and any new age raggae, I would pick Bob Marley's CD. He is legendary and just listening to his music, you will see why he still widely listened to. This CD is worth every penny that I paid for it. And believe me, I have recommended it to several of my friends

Titles on disc :

1. African Herbsman

2. Lively up Yourself

3. Natural Mystic

4. Mellow Mood

5. Soul Shakedown Party

6. Hammer

7. Duppy Conqueror

8. Trench Town Rock

9. Small Axe

10. Stand Alone

11. Sun Is Shining

12. Riding High