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Bob The Builder:Tool Power

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Yes, I have a Bob the Builder fan in my home! He is three, insists on wearing Bob the Buider everything, and wants to watch "Bob da Bidder" every second of every day. So when I cam across Bob the Builder dvds at Wally-world. I grabbed one. Should've grabbed two or three! LOL

This particular dvd is 45 minutes long, perfect for putting him to sleep at nap time. It contains 5 mini-movies.

Inspector Spud is about spud pretending to be a building inspector. Of course being Spud, he tends to cause more confusion than help!

Travis' Trailer is about Travis getting to take a "heavy" delivery to Farmer Pickles. When Spud gets involved there ends up a near disaster.

Wendy;s Moving Company is about Wendy volunteering the machines as help to move the Bentley's.

Speedy Skip is about Skip getting to help Bob, and almost thowing away some very important papers. Thanks to Wendy and Muck the day is savd!

Mr. Bentley's Trains is about Bob buiding Mr. Bentley a new model railway as a suprise for Mr. Bentley.

I would definitely say grab this if you have a fan in your home! My son loves it, and will watch it again and again!