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Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo Manga

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It's the year 300X. The evil Maruhage Empire, led by the sinister Baldy Bald IV, is on a quest to do away with all forms of hair. The only one willing to stand up and fight is Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, the lone survivor of the hair kingdom...and downright weirdo. Together with his new friends Beauty, Poppa Rocks, Jelly Jiggler, Gasser, Softon, and Dengakuman, he'll give the Maruhage Empire a fight it's never seen!

If you haven't guessed it by now, this series is crazy. Insane. Just plain nuts. The storyline flows like a typical shonen story as the characters take down enemy after enemy in search of their ultimate opponent. Punches and kicks are common, but they're nothing compared to the power of nosehair. That's right, the main protagonist fights with fierce folicles. Everything is goofy and weird, but still easy to follow.

This volume covers the entire Halekulani Arc, which is quite a ways through the series. Thankfully readers won't have any trouble following the story despite this. It appears that the series isn't going to have any more releases, but this one is too good not to pick up. If you're a fan of Japanese manga and random off the wall humor, this manga is highly recommended. However, it's also highly recommended you give it a quick readthrough before picking it up. It's definitely not a series for everyone, but when you become a fan, it's hard not to stay one.