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Body Glide Is Endurance Insurance!

Reviewing: Body Glide Anti Chafing Skin Protectant Stick  |  Rating:
princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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Okay, so I don't know how long Body Glide has been around but I just found out about it a couple of months ago and it is a miracle!

This product is an anti-chafing skin protectant that is apparently used a lot by runners to prevent blisters on their feet. However, this stuff works great for those of us who aren't so athletically inclined too!

It comes in a small container that looks kind of like a travel size deoderant and it works pretty much the same as deoderant too. When you first look at it you will probably be skeptical, I know I was. I had heard so many great things about it but just had a hard time believing them looking at the product in front of me.

I purchased it for a week long theme park vacation where I would usually have horrible blisters the first day no matter what kind of shoes I wore. I figured it was worth a shot since it came so highly recommended and all I had to lose was 4.00 and possibly (hopefully) painful blisters. Let me tell you I walked my feet off during that week and I came home without one blister! I wore several different kinds of shoes while on vacation and I always rubbed the body glide on my feet before I put them on and I never had any rubbing or blisters at all! I was thrilled!

Now for another use! Ladies, how many of you suffer from the dreaded inner thigh rub if your shorts aren't the right length or you wear a skirt/dress without stockings underneath? I can't remember ever not having this problem and it's uncomfortable when it happens. Body Glide makes this a non-issue! You just rub it on your inner thighs and you are good to go! I went to an outdoor wedding yesterday, we're in Florida, hot as can be. I did not want to wear stockings under my light summery dress and be even hotter but I didn't want to suffer the pain of thigh's rubbing together either so I thought I'd try the body glide and see how it worked. I went all day long in the heat of the afternoon with no chafing or discomfort whatsoever!

If you are wondering the Body Glide goes on clear and it stays clear, it never turns white or flaky. It's smooth and silky and you don't really even remember that you put it on except when you think I don't have any blisters and my thighs aren't rubbing together and you whisper a prayer of thanks for Body Glide!