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Body Sensitive Shower Gel, Never Again!

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When it comes to products for sensitive skin, I am very careful on which to use. I have extremely sensitive skin that can get dry, itchy, scaly, irritated and infected. I have atopic dermatitis (another term for eczema) which runs in the family. We all have sensitive skin. We always make sure to use soaps or bath wash which are rich in moisturizer. Admittedly, I should say that it costs me a lot of money in maintaining good skin because the products that my doctor and dermatologist recommends are quite expensive. These are products which, if you have a family, would affect your budget immensely.

When I visited Coles Supermarket couple of weeks ago, this product caught my interest because of its cheap price. Body Sensitive is a shower gel manufactured by Universal Brands.

What does Body Sensitive promise the consumers?

NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (This is a toxic chemical used in some soap and shampoo products to make it more foamy. It is the same chemical used to de-grease car engines. It is harsh as it washes the natural skin oil. It is also alleged to cause cancer and other skin disease.)

NO Harmful detergents

NO Animal Derivatives

NO Soap ingredients

NO Artificial colours

Special mild formula

PH balanced

The above mentioned are the reasons why I gave Body Sensitive a chance. Besides, I thought that for 450ml./15.2fl.oz at $4.69Ausd, I can save a lot. The bath wash that I regularly use cost me $20.00 a litre.

When I first used Body Sensitive, I honestly liked it. The scent was so good on my skin. It lathered a lot which made me feel that my skin got cleansed more. There was no negative effect on my skin until the fourth day when I noticed that my skin was getting dry. I thought I may need to apply lotion on my skin more often and more generously than before. I also noticed few rashes on my upper arms and legs that were itchy. As my usual routine, I applied moisturizing lotion on my body at least every couple of hours. Before the end of the first week using Body Sensitive, I was already sure that it was causing me skin itchiness and rashes and not because I did not apply enough lotion on my skin.

I stopped using Body Sensitive Shower Gel and went back to my regular bath wash. I was really disappointed with this product. At the back of this product's bottle says this: "For people with known allergies or extreme skin conditions please dab test a small amount on the inside wrist before using. If irritation occurs, discontinue use." I did not do that test. But the thing is, it took few days before I felt itchy and my skin got irritated. I am sure that there are ingredients in it that are harsh on my skin.

The main ingredients of Body Sensitive are water, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (derived from coconut and used as replacement for the harmful sodium lauryl sulphate), olive extract, citric acid, disodium cocoamphodiacetate (conditioning and cleansing agent) and glyceryl cocoate (derived from coconut and used as emulsifier and mildness additive) .

One thing I am sure of is that I will never ever use Body Sensitive again! By the way, this product was made in China, although it says Quality Guaranteed and Australian Designed.