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Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

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By kapman80 on
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As a guy I am finding it very weird writing a review on Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - or any cocoa butter for that matter! In my defence it was actually my girlfriend who recommended that I try it as I have often suffered dry skin in the winter time, which gets very itchy and irritating. So I used hers whenever I stayed over at her place, and eventually walked into my local Body Shop to buy my own. Body Shop cocoa butter is not the cheapest moisturiser on the market by a long shot and set me back £10! But then again we are living in the age of a booming male-cosmetics market and I have to confess that I am one of those new-age males who is very much in to his personal grooming.

The first thing I noticed about the Body Shop cocoa butter is how soft and whippy it is - much more than the standard Palmers cocoa butter which I have used before. I also think that it smells fantastic; there is also more than one type in the range and my preferred choice is the coconut version for medium/ dry skin (if you have very dry skin there is a shear butter version which should do the trick).

I tend to use this product straight after a shower when there is still a little dampness on my skin (but not wet, if that makes sense?!?). It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin feeling very soft. Over time I have also noticed that my skin has become much clearer with fewer blemishes.

But the biggest benefit for me is that it is not greasy at all once it has absorbed into my skin; this has been a problem for me with past products which, although reliving the dryness, have left my skin feeling a little greasy.

So overall I am glad that my girlfriend introduced me to this product. It is very good for the texture of my skin and I can definitely feel the difference in quality - in this respect I know what I have paid the extra money for! I should also add that it lasts a long time as well - one tub lasts about 2 weeks, so if you think about it that equates to an average spend of £5 per week which isn't too bad.

I haven't really got any negatives for the product except that it might be deemed a little on the pricey side, especially when you can get other male designer skins products like Boss Skincare, Ted Baker or French Connection within a similar price range. But that said, I think that you may only be paying for the smell and not for something that actually improves the quality of your skin over time. With this in mind I would think that this product does very well for the money that you invest in it.