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Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil

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I don't wear perfume very often although at one time I wore it daily. Since my accident and subsequent visit by a long standing 'friend' called Fibromyalgia, the one thing that I have found is that certain scents trigger migraine headaches for me. I've also run across more and more people who have chemical sensitivities and some people react very poorly to any type of scent so rather than offend or cause unnecessary difficulty for anyone, I have chosen to remain pretty well fragrance free.

That however hasn't stopped me from hunting down those products out there that are less apt to cause problems for myself or others and in my hunt one day I stumbled into the Body Shop and was greeted by such a subtle yet alluring scent that I found myself trying to source out the location it was coming from. I found myself standing next to one of the staff members and boldly commented that whatever she was wearing I would like to have the same please.

She laughed and directed me to the display of perfume oils, little bottles that held all of 2 oz of oil in each of them and pointed to the scent that she was wearing. White Musk. No wonder I'd liked it. I've always loved the scent of the more musk based perfumes and this one was so subtle and so enjoyable to have around me with no indication that I was going to end up with a headache anywhere near, that I didn't even hesitate to pick up a bottle and tell the woman I'd take it.

That purchase was over 2 years ago now and I've worn this perfume oil on and off ever since. I have friends who are chemically sensitive and some who are allergic to certain perfume smells yet I have been able to wear this particular scent when around them and no one has had any adverse reactions yet. Many have asked what I was wearing simply because they can't believe that they aren't reacting the way they might normally to someone who is wearing perfume.

The oil has just the slightest hint of floral mixed in but it is such a light fragrance that it is almost akin to a pleasant body wash which scent lingers through the day just enough to remind you it's there. The little bottle comes with its own applicator, a little plastic wand attached to the top. Opening the bottle and removing the top seems to deliver just the right amount of the oil so that I can dab just enough on and the scent lasts for hours.

I still have almost 3/4 of the bottle remaining even though I did wear it fairly regularly for well over a year after I purchased it. This is a product that I would definitely purchase again without hesitation. It's just enough to say you're there but not enough to drive people away from you. It's perfect!