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Body Shoppe White Musk Spray

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A few weeks before Christmas my girls came into my room and asked me if I smelled something familiar. I caught a whiff of something vaguely familiar but when I couldn't place it definitely the girls scoffed at me and told me I couldn't possibly forget the smell. I was prompted further with a little hint, "doesn't it remind you of bowling, mom?" Noooo, not really.

Well, actually - it should have because it was the fragrance I became known for while I was coaching and while I was a member of a bowling league. During the several years I was involved in Bowling I wore this wonderful fragrance almost continuously and I guess it became my "signature" scent. I had numerous comments about the scent and people would literally stand beside me just to catch a hint of it until I felt a little space invaded and then I'd ask them "what are you doing?" The repetitive answer usually went something like this, "mmm, you smell great...what are you wearing?". It wasn't until I noticed a few other women wearing the same scent shortly after that I discovered some of the guys had been using me as a "scent-o-meter" for purchases for their own wives or girlfriends. I thought that was pretty cool actually and for awhile the bowling alley smelled great thanks to all of us women sporting our fabulous scent.

I was thrilled when on Christmas morning my girls presented me with a little package and when I opened it inside lay a bottle of White Musk spray perfume. Honestly, I could probably become a perfume sniffing fiend with this scent it smells so wonderful!

The mixture of lavender, geranium, crystal jasmine, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, musk and tonka bean come together to create a gorgeous woodsy yet utterly soft and feminine scent that if I have this correct, would make a wonderful sensual tool to wave under a favorite guys nose.

This spray lasts and lasts as a scent and the easy to spritz bottle allows you to put on as much or as little as you like, although you don't need a lot because this scent is best used sparingly.

This is also a scent that doesn't cause me to have headaches and a sister in law who is usually allergic to scents doesn't appear to be allergic to this one. A very nice product that is well worth the purchase.