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Bodylight Whitening Hydrating Uv Lotion By Garnier

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By ladychai on
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There is too much hype about this product because the endorser is none other than the daughter of a mega star here in the Philippines. I too was curious about what the fuzz was all about with regard to Garnier.

They say this product is good so I decided to buy a lotion to stuff my office with in case I forget putting one before going to work. This usually happens when I ran out of time preparing for myself.

I honestly expected a lot from Garnier as I have heard good attestments. However, my experience has its pros and cons.

Here are the pros:

1. I love the smell. You can really tell the mulberry extract and lemon essence. Not much when you smell it but when you apply it on your skin, the citrusy smell is very evident.

2. When you try to rub it with your fingers, you can feel its smoothness.

Here are the cons:

1. When you apply it to your skin, it tends to produces some kind of white granules.

2. The more that you rub the lotion to your skin it will become more sticky.

Now as to whether or not it is an effective skin whitener, that I could not tell since I do not often apply my garnier lotion in me. I only use it if I forgot to put lotion before I go to work or if I feel like my skin is really dry due to the airconditioning unit in the office.

All in all, I won't be recommending Garnier body light whitening hydrating lotion but it is not as bad though because after a while the white granules I have been talking about will be gone and leaves your skin smooth. This lotion is just not suitable for a quick fix sort of stuff, not for someone who is always on the go.