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Bold Blast Of Cinnamon That Whitens Too!

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Let me start out by saying I'm a Colgate girl and always have been. But.....I was walking past a clearance display....I know it always seems to be a better find when something is on clearance....when I spotted this pretty blue/red box of toothpaste calling my name. Pssst...come over here...check me out! So I did.

This is going to be my toothpaste brand from now on. This is the new Crest Whitening Expressions - Cinnamon Rush. It is a toothpaste but it also whitens. Yes, I know what you are thinking....same as me....they really don't whiten your teeth. Well I was wrong. This one has whitened my teeth. Within the first week I definately saw an improvement in color.

Do you like the gum called Dentyne? Then you are going to love the flavor of this toothpaste. When I first tried it I thought wow, this is very familiar. Then I realized that it was the same flavor as the Dentyne gum! This toothpaste also has the important ingredient of fluoride too. There are other flavors of Crest Whitening Expressions for your brushing pleasure. I saw one today at the store that was Vanilla! Yum....might have to give that one a try when I use up the Cinnamon!

I do have one complaint, it's a minor but important one. This tube stands upright, so it's important for the cap to be snapped tightly shut. Well the second day I used the toothpaste the cap hinges broke off. It's not a big deal, but I would rather have the cap hinged to the top of the tube so I could just click, apply and snap shut. Maybe they could make the plastic hinges just a bit stronger so they don't break so easily. Okay, so that won't keep me from buying this product again if they don't, but it just bugs me that it broke already! I told you it was a minor complaint!

I suggest you go out and buy one if you haven't tried it yet. I hope they don't discontinue this product for some reason. It has worked better than any whitening toothpaste or strips I have tried.

What are you waiting for? Go get some!