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Bolle Anaconda Polarized Sunglasses

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derwood By derwood on
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I've owned a lot of cheap sunglasses over the years, because I used to think that aside from the frame and style, they were all pretty much the same. I used to believe that, that is, until I tried out a pair of polarized sunglasses made by Bollé. Looking through them, everything was so clear and any glare in the surrounding environment was completely eliminated. I was very impressed. Since then Bollé polarized sunglasses are the only ones that I'll buy, and they are the only ones that I use on a daily basis.

The last five pairs of sunglasses I've owned have all been Polarized models from Bollé. I've owned various styles including the Zuma and Sidney models, but the most recent pair I've purchased were the Bollé Anacondas. Like all of the previous pairs I've owned, these ones also have a black frame, and Bollé's Polarized TNS (True Neutral Smoke) colored lenses.

I've stuck with Bollé sunglasses through the years for many different reasons. For one thing, their frames are very durable. Through the years, I've dropped mine, sat on them, kicked them, and more, but I've never managed to break a pair. The lenses also seem very scratch resistant, however if they are hit hard enough, it is possible to put a scratch into them.

The main reason that I've stuck with them, though, is because of how they help my vision. The darkness and shade of the TNS lenses are perfect for my eyes, as they are dark enough to allow me to see without squinting on the brightest days, but not too dark to impair my vision on a cloudy day. The polarization is fantastic because it effectively eliminates any and all glare in the environment. This is extremely helpful where I live, especially during Spring when the snow melts and the sun reflects off of the wet roads. These glasses make driving in those situations so much safer.

I've also found that glare reduction offered by the polarized lenses gave me some other interesting abilities, such as allowing me to see past the surface glare and down into a body of water. If I were a fisherman, this could be extremely useful. They also, allow me to see through the glare on another car's windows, which permits me to see the occupants of a car. I imagine that having this ability could be helpful to a member of the law enforcement community.

I used to think that all sunglasses were created equal. Not anymore, though. If you're in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, or if you've never seen life through a good pair of polarized lenses before, be sure to check out the sunglasses offered by Bollé.