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Bont Vaypor 2006 Boot, 2 Point Mount

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ross maz By ross maz on
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The bont vaypor is a boot for inline speed skating. There are 4 pictures becasue the only picture i found of the boot i have is in black and white. The vaypor is a great boot for a number of reasons. Once my feet broke them in, or the boots broke my feet in, they have been amazingly comfortable! They are not quiet as comfortable as some of today's top of the line boots but for 2006 they are extremly rigid and have great ankle support. They were so great for the time becasue of how high the carbon firber comes up on the boot. I like the fact that they are a two point mount because it allows me to use any brand of frame, as opposed to the three point, is an advantage becasue the frame is much lighter than anything else. There is not nearly as much of a selection of frames for 3 point, i think there is only one other manufaturer that makes them besides bont. They are very light, probably lighter than most of the newer boots, because they don't have all of that padding on the inside. The only problem i have had with them is the velcrow straps are not velcrowing very well any more, but that is really not a problem because i can brush them with a metal brush to recurl the material or just put some new velcrow on. Bont last year came out with a new vaypor boot, it is the picture with the frame and wheels. My friend, the guy who i bought these from, got the new ones and likes them a little bit better than these ones. When it came out up until about last year this boot was near the top of the line or non custom boots, custom being skates that are custom molded to your feet!