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Boobah Dance Party

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tracy mcdaniel By tracy mcdaniel on
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Get Up & Dance with Boobah Jumbah I am sure a lot of people know what Boobah is and for the ones that do not know about Boobah then just take a look at my video.

We got my son this strange Boobah toy about 4 years ago and it still works. My son would watch Boobah and just giggle and dance around when ever the strange Boobah things would be bouncing all around on the TV. I thought they were wired things but I guess kids liked them.

I remember going to the store and seeing this big 2 Foot Boobah that would dance and I just had to get the odd dancing toy for my son. When I got home my son wanted to play with the big Boobah and he was running around and saying how we wanted to play with the Boobah. I put batteries in it and set the toy on the ground and then I pushed the button that is on the bottom part of the toy. Slowly the strange thing started to inflate and it was playing music and soon it was standing up and moving real fast from side to side. My son just started screaming and dancing with the darn toy and I thought it was real funny, I swear the toy was as big as my son.

My son played with that toy for some time but as my son got bigger he started punching the toy and he would try wrestling with it. I know kids will grow out of toys just like everything else that they grow out of. Not that long ago I found the Boobah in the garage and I showed my son the toy and he remembered it. I thought it would be funny to make a video with the Boobah after I found it in the garage just sitting around. I got some friends to dance with the toy and my son who is now 6 years old is also in the video. This toy has lasted and still brings giggles to the people who see the strange looking thing.

Update On Sep 07, 2010: I would just like to say that this dancing toy is still dancing. I thought at one point it was broke and it shocked me when it started working again. This toy has had a lot of rough play time and it still is working after a lot of hard years.