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Book: Millionaire Traders By Lien Schlossberg

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On 15/8/2010, I bought a book called “Millionaire Traders”. Personally, I like stocks trading and anything about trading, so I bought this book. “Millionaire Traders” is written by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg. Basically, “Millionaire Traders” is a book to share with people on how people are beating the Wall Street everyday at their own game.

“Millionaire Traders” is a book that provides great insights about forex trading and it is a book that talks about the life and techniques successful forex traders. “Millionaire Traders” is a book to share with us the interview of Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg with successful millionaire forex traders. The contents of the book are mostly questions and answers. The questions were asked by the authors and answers were provided by those traders that are being interviewed. Most of the traders provide very detailed information about their trading techniques. Some of them are using automated techniques such as a self-created automated robot to help them in forex trading while some of them trade according to news. A lot of successful traders give a lot of time to do personal research before entering into a trade.

As we all know, forex trading is a high risk high return investment. Forex trading is real-time, high price fluctuation and high margin trading. It is a great investment leverage but if forex is traded without proper plan and proper techniques, the trade will incur large amount of loses to the traders. From the book, forex trading requires self-discipline, personal target, a trading technique, persona research and timing. By having all these criterias, trading the forex market would be a low risk high return investment.

The book “Millionaire Traders” share will us the methods used by successful traders to make money from the forex market. We can use their methods and ideas as a guide to trade successfully in the forex market and lower the risk of investment. “Millionaire Traders” is a good motivational book for all forex traders because most of the forex traders being interviewed in the book start with smallest amount of money, gone through large losses and finally become very successful millionaire forex traders.

I would recommend all forex traders to read this book before jumping into investing in forex market. This book can give good details and ideas of forex trading. Learn before investment will be very helpful to cut losses in trade. This book “Millionaire Traders” would be a good book for everyone to learn the techniques to make money from forex.