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Book Review: A Year And A Day By S. Harvey

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By espressocup on
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A Year and a Day is about two angels that take human form for a year and a day, it is a new age or paranormal romance with an angel theme. This is a fast-paced book that is a little silly and has a lot of humor. The male angel is the Angel of Vengance, and he is sent to earth with Joy, a bubbly, happy angel that is as angelic as you can imagine angels to be. Well at first the two of them are literally like oil and water. They debate about everything. Then they realize that they need each other, as the only angels living together in New York City. A romance begins to develop between the two of them. I won't give away the whole book, but this is a real feel-good type of book if you like holidays and love angels. The writer writes very charmingly about the different holidays that are celebrated during the year and this is one of the fun parts of the book.