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Books Review: Think Grow Rich

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I bought the book "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill two years ago. "Think & Grow Rich" has more than 15 million copies sold worldwide. It is a good book and I always refer back to the book every now and then. It is a great book with a lot of great advices. "Think & Grow Rich" is a book sharing and give advices for people about leading a successful life.

"Think & Grow Rich" includes a lot of true stories of successful people in their life. The lesson I learnt from the book is that we should be persistent no matter what we are doing in life. Real success will only come to people who are persistent and have passion about the thing they are doing. To be successful in life, we must never give up hope and never give up our believe. Work hard is another important criteria to become very successful in life. Everyone has different goals and dreams in life. As long as we work hard and never give up, we will get our rewards in the future. The book contains money-making secrets of more than 500 successful and wealthy people in the world.

Overall, "Think & Grow Rich" is a very good book to open up our mind and give us a clearer idea to become very successful in life. It is a great book to read if you really want to be successful in life. Watch your thoughts because what you think will become reality.