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rancosto By rancosto on
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This game is so much fun. It is designed similar to Bejeweled, only instead of sparkling gemstones you need to put together letters and make words. The letters are written on tiles that keep coming down, just like the gems in Bejeweled. When you make a word, the tiles disappear (actually, they fly to Lex the Bookworm who eats them up) and more tiles come down for you to use.

Lex the Bookworm, the library keeper, sits patiently on the left waiting for more food - that is, words. He will not hurry you up so yu have time to think, but if you keep making simple, three letter words, red burning tiles will show up. You have to get rid of them by including them in a word before they reach the bottom, or they will set the library on fire. Tension builds up if you've got several burning tiles to deal with.

You score points for each word you make. The longer your words are, the better. Difficult letters like X or Z bring you more points as well. There is no time limit, you can play as long as you wish - or as long as you can come up with more words.

I like both the fun and the educational aspects of this game. Instead of just matching colored gems, you have to think of words to make.

The game is available for PC and Mac. It requires having Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.