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Bookworm A Great Vocabulary Building Game!!

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Bookworm is a highly addictive game if you're into word games! I purchased this game on my Verizon phone and I can now play it anytime and anywhere I want! I've also played it on my PC through Pogo.com and on Yahoo games-you can also find this one on CDs at Office Max or any other similar supply store.

Basically, you have a grid full of letters on tiles and you build words based on letters that touch each other. Each time you use letter tiles, those tiles disappear (your Bookworm eats them), and they are replaced at the top of your board as the remaining tiles shift down. Occasionally, you get burning tiles-they appear red-and as you build other words, if you don't use the burning tiles up, they burn through the tiles beneath them. If you allow any burning tile to get to the bottom of the screen, your game is over. The object of the game is to continue making words for points and pretty much just staying alive by using those burning tiles as they appear. As you form bigger words, you get other colored tiles-green, yellow and blue-that give you multipliers in the words you form with those tiles.

This is a very addicting game-my brother and I can play for hours just trying to one-up each other's score. I suggest you try out the free version on Pogo.com or a similar site and if you like the game, buy the deluxe version. I honestly like the regular version more than the delux version, though, so it wasn't worth it for me to buy the next one up.