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Boost Live A Healthy Life

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By David Moffatt on
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Boost - Live A Healthy Life

Looking for a meal replacement that actually keeps you full? Looking for a way to gain mass, or perhaps just muscle? Or are you looking for a way to live healthier? If you have tried other products, or if you are out looking I highly suggest Boost.

I came upon boost because I needed a meal replacement as I recently had dental work done which prevented me from eating effectively, I could still manage small meals but anything that involved tearing or excessive chewing was out of the question. I began to look for an alternative and a friend of mine suggested the product Boost to replace/supplement some of the meals I was having difficulty with.

Boost is a product created by Nestle Nutritional, and comes in individual bottles which are each a serving. Boost has many uses stated on their website, including added vitamins/minerals, meal replacement, protein supplement, Weight gain, Diabetic uses, and Pediatric uses. Boost's formula comes with 26 different vitamins and minerals, everything your body needs during a day, which makes it a great breakfast replacement to give you that kickstart. For those who are looking at gaining weight Boost will add 360 calories per each serving. Boost also comes in a Protein+ formula which has added protein for bodybuilders, those who work out heavily, or just want added protein in their diets.

At first I used this only as a meal replacement, and it worked great. I was rarely hungry between meals, I felt alive, awake, and did not crash after a few hours. After I began eating again, I switched this to a breakfast meal. I think it is great, it is quick and easy, does not cost very much, fills me up until lunch time, and gives me many of the nutrients that I would otherwise not get during the day.

Boost comes in many flavors, the ones I have tried are Chocolate, Strawberry, Mocha, and Vanilla. I prefered Chocolate, but did not mind any of the other flavors. There is a slight mis-taste in the flavors. It seems as though they are not quite correct, but compared to other products I have tried, this is by far the best tasting.

The biggest reason to why I love Boost so much is that it is extremely simple and easy to use. There is no worrying about powder/milk ratio. It is always ready to go, just like you are!