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Boost Your Energy The Safe Way!

Reviewing: Boost High Protein Chocolate Shake 237 Ml  |  Rating:
imasooite By imasooite on
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I decided to give this product a try after I had been drinking an energy drink a day for the past couple of months. I work 10 hour days and am constantly needing to be on the ball and have quick reactions. Not knowing the long term effects of energy drinks kind of freaked me out. But I just couldn't seem to get through the days without having one. I don't drink coffee...so that wasn't an alternative. I had heard my Nana talk about Boost in the past, and how it was great for replenishing the nutrients when you have a cold. I never really considered it as an energy drink..till now. I bought Boost on sale in a 12 pack at Walmart for only $17.50, which is the price for 10. You could normally get one at $2.50. I opted for the chocolate flavor, assuming it would be the safest to try. To my surprise, it was actually really good. You would swear you're drinking a normal chocolate shake and not some health drink. And healthy it is! Not only is the shake high in protein and other vitamins, but it's also low in sugar and lacking all those big named additives. There are a few different varieties which include high protein, weight management, high fiber and glucose control. They come in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mocha(which is also very delish!!). The shakes come in a 237ml recyclable bottle, and are best when chilled. I've now made these shakes part of my daily work routine and have cancelled out those expensive energy drinks. Not only does Boost give me a dose of energy, it's also a great pre-lunch snack. I guess the saying is true...grandma's are never wrong :P