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Boppy Pillow

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When I was registering for my bay show, all of my mother friends said I had to get a Boppy pillow! I knew they were good for resting the baby on during playtime, but I never realized they were really made for breastfeeding support.

The Boppy pillow is a thick, but cushiony u-shaped pillow. It is designed to go around your waist to support your baby and your arms while breastfeeding. I didn't have my Boppy pillow in the hospital, but I sure wish I did. Once I got home and started using it, it was so much more comfortable than trying to pile up hospital pillows up for support. In the hospital, my arms would get so tired holding my baby up to the right level to feed and my wrists would really start to cramp. With the Boppy pillow, I can rest my elbows and forearms on the pillow. My baby lays nicely on the pillow to help support her and keep her in place.

One thing I have found to be a problem is that the pillow goes almost too far around me to fit right. I feed while sitting my my lazy boy chair and the ends of the Boppy push up right against the back of the chair. Sometimes the pillow slips while I am feeding or once my baby and I settle in to get comfortable. She will most of the time end of laying in the gap between me and the pillow instead of on it.

The other use for this pillow is to support the baby in a reclined position while awake and playing. My baby seems to really like doing this. It helps elevate her high enough to reach the toys on her playpad. It says you can lay them on their belly once they can support their head completely, but I won't be able to test that for a little while still.