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Borat Borat Review

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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This movie, Borat, gives me mixed feelings. Sacha Baron Cohen stars as Borat, a celebrity from another country of Kazakhstan and travels to the USA in order to learn of its country's greatness and its differences as a way to go back to Kazakhstan and benefit his country. This movie was done in a way where none of the people except for Borat and his cameraman was aware of the falsity of the reason why the meetings are being recorded. They were not aware of the movie being filmed but just of Borat, from Kazakhstan, trying to learn of the US.

If you set aside this fact, the movie is funny, yet sad. Because we are aware at how badly and mistreated people from other countries are treated and just how many actually go the extra mile to explain how things work in the US.

This movie also makes you think what the US did that made them so successful that other countries have not yet discovered.

Borat and his cameraman find themselves meeting with different American class people, races, ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, and technology. He also meets gets a chance to fall in love and pursue a romance. In the end, it seems Borat goes back to Kazakhstan with a very slim understanding of the USA as well as a few other things from the United States.

I believe that only adults should view this movie, because there are a lot of topics that are addressed that aren't done properly and are not good teaching tools for children. Also, there is some explicit sexual content.

I recommend seeing this movie and coming to your own conclusions. You can purchase it at your local Best Buy for about $20.