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Borderlands Review

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In the Borderlands...

Borderlands is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, roleplaying game set on the desert-like, hostile planet known as Pandora. Players choose one of four characters to play through the adventure as. Mordecai, the hunter, uses help from his pet bird, Bloodwing, the take down enemies from afar. He specializes in snipers and pistols, perfect for people who like to play sneaky characters. Then there's Roland, the soldier, who specializes in combat rifles and shotguns. He also has a scorpio turret that will automatically shoot enemies and help take aggro. Next up is Lilth, a mystical siren, who uses special magical powers, like her phase walk that makes her run really fast and damages nearby enemies, to take down foes. She specializes in SMG's and elemental weapons. Finally, there is Brick the Berserker. He specializes in shotguns and rocket launchers and can use his fists to beat the crap out of enemies.

Now, as this is an RPG, there is a story that the game revolves around. You are one of four "Vault Hunters, " on an adventure to find this place called the Vault, which holds riches, uber powerful weapons, and women. You meet many comical characters, ranging from friendly to deadly.

All of these things make the game sound really nice I bet, but one thing that makes it sound better is the amount of guns. It's estimated to be from several thousand, to "87-bazillion." There really is a vast amount of guns in this game. Every time you open a chest, or kill an enemy, the game uses a random generator to create each gun. You can have sniper rifles that shoot acid to shotguns that shoot electric rockets. The possibilities seem endless.

This game is a very well-made title. Aside from the fact there are a couple exploitable bugs and framerate issues, this game is a must-buy for fps-rpg fans. Especially those of you who like Fallout 3.