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Bored Game? Not A Chance!

Reviewing: Chad Valley Snakes & Ladders  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Snakes & Ladders (I believe you Americans call it Snakes & Chutes) is a game played by everyone, especially the kids, An absolutely classic game of course. You know the rules, we've all played this game, so why are you reading my review ?

Answer - This game is easy, too easy in fact, so you didn't really need instructions, you could get someone who have never seen a board game before, to play around and figiue it out. Age is unimportnt, as is gender.

This iss the type of game that actually bring a family together, rather than causing arguements. This is I believe, the main reason that this game will be with us, in one form or another, in a hundred years time!

The basic Idea is of course, to reach the foot of a ladder, and therefore go upwards towards the winning post, and no doubt everyone at some time during this game, lands at the head of a snake, beginning the downward slide, back to the start even.

As this is a game of chance, there is little you can do about where you land, it really is down to the throw of the dice, meaning that little Johnny of six, can beat fair and square his clever Dad. This is a truly Family orientated game, and skill is not involved in the process.

Anything that brings Families together gets my vote, and I can't think of any games console, or a computer that can do this like good old Snakes & Ladders..

My own game has been in the family for years, so I have no idea of price. This one is made by Chad Valley, but I presume other manufacturers make it too.

Gather the Family around you this Crimbo, and play a childish little game, you may be surprised!