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Born On The Fourth Of July

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By halcamdad on
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Born on the Fourth of July is one of Oliver Stone's Vietnam films. This is one of Tom Cruise's early films. Tom Cruise's character grows up in a small US town with a patriotic atmosphere. About the time of his high school graduation, things have heated up in Vietnam. He enlists and heads out for a tour of Vietnam. He is shot, injured and discharged. After a stent in the VA hospital system, he heads home. The political climate since his departure for Vietnam has changed dramatically.

Patriotism has transformed into war protest. Cruise's character is amazed at the diametrically opposed attitudes.

I found this film interesting because of how the situation actually parallels the present Iraqi situation. Shortly after 9/11 when we went in, many people supported the effort. As time drudges on, and the difficulties and challenges of the war present themselves making fast resolution impossible, attitudes change. Support turns into disdain.

Again, I found the parallelism interesting.