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Borrowed Lives, By Laramie Dunaway Is A Fun Read

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Borrowed Lives, by Laramie Dunaway

Luna Devon took the identity theft thing to a whole new level: she took over her best friend's whole life.

After a horrifying incident that leaves her two friends dead, Luna is left with nothing but a gunshot wound to the chest. She has lost her best friend, her job and all direction in her life. However, Wren was getting ready to start a new job in California, so Luna decides to start her life all over as her departed friend.

Since Luna has little personality of her own, her only friends are dead, and she's divorced, starting a new life is pretty simple. She moves to Orange County and steps into a job she is not trained for, which turns out to be harder than she thought it would be. She gets into a relationship with a coworker, but her double identity complicates things—and when Wren’s husband shows up, things are further complicated. He moves in, and since he knows Luna's secret, Luna has to let him stay until she can find a way to return the blackmailing favor.

Things aren't going well, and they keep getting worse. Luna finds out that living Wren’s life is not as easy as she thought it would be. There are some positives, however. At the beginning of the book, I found Luna to be an annoying creature who is far beneath Wren's reputation. Through her adventures, though, she grows and becomes a much stronger, more likeable character.

Borrowed Lives is deliciously raunchy at times, but it is a delightfully funny story with some poignant moments. It is ridiculous and believable by turns, and I found the characters to be wonderfully complex--I wanted to like and hate them at the same time. Author Laramie Dunaway created each one like a carefully drawn caricature. The caricature is highly detailed, making it easy to picture them all. Laramie Dunaway filled the story with numerous twists and turns, bouncing from introspection to adventure and back again. I felt like I was on a roller coaster with Luna right up until the very end. I thought Borrowed Lives was a fun, action-packed, and emotionally stimulating read.

Borrowed Lives is available at Amazonfor a cover price of $16.95. It is published by Iota Publishing and is 411 pages long.