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Boston First Release Review

Reviewing: Epic / Legacy First Release  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This Album from 1976 was the first Boston album ever made. Most of this one was pre-recorded in the basement of Tom Ssholz. Though the release had to be re-recorded to please the Epic brass, it finally was produced as a band, and not just a mix from Tom's basement. This album was six years in the making, and when it was finished, one of the 70's best rock classics was created.

This great Boston title was instantly absorbed by rock fans around the world. 'More Than a Feeling', the first track, is a superb guitar masterpiece. This song is a perfect opening song for this favorite.

The second and third songs, ' Peace Of Mind' and 'Foreplay/Long Time' proved the instrumental genius of this bands music. 'Foreplay/Long Time' is a fantastic instrumental segway into a beautiful array of guitar, vocals, and drums. The bass guitar in these songs is a perfect compliment to the style of rock this band produces. 'Rock & Roll Band' is a great one also, and preludes the best one of all. The fifth song on this Epic/Legacy release is an organ filled piece of genuine music. Yes, I said "organs".

'Hitch A Ride' is a soft romantic rock song, with Brad Delp singing the title as if it was easy. This rock favorite of mine brings back many memories of my child hood experiences.

This soon-to-be popular band produced two big time favorites in this release that allowed them to hit the top in thier 76' tour. The #7, 'Something About You', and #8, 'Let Me Take You Home Tonight' were crowd favorites.

Though this album/cd only has a limited number of songs, each is lengthy and absolutely professional... each having its place in the journal of 'Great Rock Music'. I give this Album the 'Top Ten Best Album' award, as I believe this and the next release were detrimental to the success of Rock-N-Roll. This Boston album/cd is a definate must-have if you are building a complete rock collection.