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Botox Without The Injection

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I had heard a lot of talk about Argeriline, so I decided to try a couple products that have this ingredient, one being Aloette’s Line Relief Concentrate.

What this product is made to do is to be a topical product that freezes facial muscles in areas of high wrinkle concern, like Botox, but without any injections or recovery time.

The first time that I used the product I just felt odd. The product did work as described as it made it impossible for me to move the areas of my face that I applied it to. The problem was that my face felt paralyzed, which I did not like at all… and I got a massive headache.

I could not frown, nor could I squinch up my forehead. It seems that the product worked better on the forehead area and the area between my brows. This is where the Line Relief Concentrate lasted the longest, about 6 hours or so. The Line Relief Concentrate did not last anywhere near as long on the area outside of my eyes where laugh lines can develop, and it did not totally immobilize that area while it was working.

I spoke with a few women who had experience with Argeriline, some who said that headaches can occur with new users and that it should go away. I was a little concerned about this, however I did try it a couple of more times, but had similar results.

I am not sure if my headache reaction was because of the muscles being unable to move or if it was a reaction to the product ingredients. I ended up feeling concerned that the ingredients of the product could penetrate so far into my skin and wondering about the long term consequences of using such an item could be. Because of the headache, I knew that my body wasn’t liking the product so I did stop using it.

While the product was not for me, if a person felt that they really needed a Botox like product or was planning on getting Botox injections, it might be a good idea to pick up a bottle of Line Relief Concentrate or a similar product to get the experience of how it is going to feel before getting a long lasting injection.