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Bottom Line's Prescription Alternatives

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By ezriela on
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I have been ordering books from Bottom Line Publications for many years and they have all been very helpful and, in some events, lifesaving for my family and me. I ordered "Prescription Alternatives" by Earl L. Mindell, because my husband had been having some serious side-effects from conventional prescription drugs he was put on and we were desperate to find out if there might be some natural alternatives to these drugs. The book is very detailed, so no one should expect it to be the easiest read, but it does provide very thorough information regarding specific medications, the reasons for their use, potential side-effects, from the mild to dangerous and natural remedies that can be used in their stead, with little or no side effects. It also discusses employing proper nutrition to help improve certain health conditions. I found it to be extremely useful and my husband was eventually able to get off two cholesterol-lowering medications he was on that were causing all sorts of problems and substitute them with a natural remedy we read about it this publication. Of course, no one should ever get off of a prescription drug without consulting their doctor first and any herb you take needs to be checked to see if there is any kind of interaction with something else you may be on. My only complaint is the steep price for this book. The length of "Prescription Alternatives" is 488 pages, if you count the index, and even though it does cover considerable information, I think the price should have been at least $15 to $20 less. Other than that, I would recommend this book to anybody who is concerned about the risks that come with allopathic medications. "Prescription Alternatives" proves that we do have options.