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Bouclair Reed Scent Diffuser

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A sister in law received a Reed scent air freshener as a Christmas gift one year. It was simply several reed straws placed into a decanter that was filled with a scented oil. The oil travels up the reeds and is expelled into the air. When I first saw this I was curious but my curiosity soon waned as the smell of the diffuser became quite over powering. So much so that I ended up with a headache.

For that reason I've always stayed away from these although I have looked at them on occasion but I have never been able to determine what scents such as "Midnight Tea" or "Blue Cotton" actually smell like as most of these decanters don't have a cool 'scratch n sniff' label. I tend to go by the actual scent because too often I've purchased something that has ended up being extremely powerful or terribly 'stinky'.

While at a local Bouclair Home Decor store a few months ago I came across a number of these reed decanters but this time I had more than enough 'scratch n sniff' opportunities. Along with the glass decanters were several styles of candles in the same scents. So, sniff I did. There were a number of exotic sounding scents but the one I chose was called Marakesh Mint Tea. It's a very subtle, refreshing scent that is a mix between several soft flowers and a cool fresh tea, actually quite inviting. Very exotic, which I love.

The oil appears to dissipate very gradually and I can imagine that this will be a long lasting product. Every week or so I will turn the reeds over and stick the opposite ends into the oil which leaves a bit stronger scent in the air as the wet reeds are now exposed but the scent isn't unpleasant nor over powering. It's best to do this over a sink or a surface that isn't easily marred by the oils as the reeds can drip if you aren't careful. I've gotten this down to a bit of a fine art now though and turning the reeds over now is a quick and easy process.

For $7 this is one of the more inexpensive diffusers I've seen but is also one of the more pleasant to use and to have filling the house with scent. Additionally, oils can be purchased separately to refill the decanter and are about $4. One diffuser has been scenting my main foyer and into the living room area, which is a fairly large area to cover and the level of oil used has been very little so far. The diffuser can be accented throughout the rest of the home with either additional diffusers or some of the candles or incense of the same scent.

An inexpensive way to bring a touch of the exotic into your home.