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Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I haven't been able to write many reviews this month and during one of my daily habbits I decied "Hey I should review this!" Now as strange, twisted, odd, bizzar and gross some people find this I happen to have three belly buttons. It's the result of a surgery I had when I was a baby and one of the many surgeries I had at the time. I have a normal belly button in the middle, a small hole scar under that and a small hole scar over it which is why I will always of a "pudge" unless I get rich and have it surgically fixed.

My pants ride pretty low on my hips most of the time so they sit right over the small lower scar and of course it rubs, making it very red and sore. When we visited my sister over the Summer between swimming, showering, being outside in the sun and just general sweating it had gotten very sore. It was so sore to the point I couldn't move because of all the moisture that had been collected and she was looking around for something to put on it. She found this butt paste from when her two youngest were babies and she told me to try it if it worked I could keep it.

I put it on that evening after there was no more pool time and I had dryed it out completley. By morning it was fine it didn't hurt and wasn't red anymore. I've used it ever since then on a daily basis and it doesn't take a lot. It's very creamy, goes a long ways, DOESN'T sting which I love and the smell isn't horrible.

I'm not usually too open to talking about my odd diformity but I do recommend this product to anyone and everyone who could use it. I had times where I got infections and infectious bubbles in the area. I could put the cream on and it was painless even if the bubble had popped. I would cover up the area with a small peice of gauze and leave it until it fell off with the paste underneath and it was fine.

I'm sure it could work on almost any sort of irriated skin problems and highly recommend checking it out. Since it's a baby product it's very gentle on the skin and safe.