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Bounce Dryer Bar

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Tina Lehman By Tina Lehman on
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I am not usually one to try new things, especially those that seem gimmicky, but I received a $2.50 coupon for a Bounce dryer bar which made it inexpensive enough for me to want to try it. These bars stick to a piece of plastic that adheres to the inside of your dryer's drum. When the clothes are tossed in the dryer they come into contact with the bar which deposits the fabric softener on them. They last anywhere from two to four months, depending on how frequently you use your dryer. I have used the Bounce dryer bar at least twenty times and the bar still appears to be nearly as large as it was when I installed it.

For people that use dryer sheets, the Bounce dryer bar is a good alternative. I have found my clothes to be just as soft and fresh-smelling as if I had used a dryer sheet (maybe even moreso). Bounce dryer bars come in two scents. I have the outdoor fresh scent, which I like.

Using the fabric softening bar keeps you from forgetting to add a dryer sheet, which is a plus. I can also see where it would be more environmentally friendly to use a single bar rather than throwing dozens of dryer sheets in the trash.

I do see a couple potential drawbacks. I am not entirely sure how well the Bounce dryer bar holder will come out once the dryer bar is gone. According to the Bounce website, you can simply purchase another bar and slip it into the holder already in your dryer. Also, I am a runner and often dry loads of technical or coolmax fabric, which are not well suited for using fabric softeners (it takes away the wicking ability).

Despite the potential drawbacks I have enjoyed using this dryer bar and I highly recommend trying one if you are interested. Also, look around as there are plenty of good coupons out there since this is a relatively new product.