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Bouncy Bouncy

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If you're like my brother and I and are soccer fanatics and can play footie from dusk till dawn you better listen up real good. The first thing I asked myself when coercing my mother to buy us this ball was the durability. Because If you play soccer like my brother and me around our house with lots of razor sharp spikes for fencing it's only a matter if time before one of us attempts a David Beckham esque free kick and it goes horribly wrong and ends up on the spikes and flat well with Nike's new T90 Omni I'm pleased to report we've hit them 4 times and still going strong. One of the things I was very keen to try with this ball when I first got it was to strike it exactly on the valve just like Cristiano Ronaldo and see if it really does dip and swerve through the air just like when he does it. I was quite astonished...but...It actually dips and swerves just like when he does it! Another great feature that I feel all high quality soccer balls should posses is the padding because unless you have a rock solid cranium like Nemaja Vidic rising to head a ball goal wards or clear usually ends in tears, a headache or sometimes concussion(I've seen it happen okay) and the T90 feels soft yet still firm so you can header the ball and not end up in hospital. I've always been a Nike fan and I'm pleased they aren't slacking one single bit when it comes to quality. If you're looking for a very durable, stylish, firm, soccer ball please end your search and just hurry up and buy the T90 Omni!