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Bounty Paper Towels

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derwood By derwood on
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There are very few things that I won't compromise on, and one of them is the brand of paper towels that I buy. I've tried numerous different brands in the past, but nothing has proven as strong and useful as Bounty paper towels.

Around the house I use them on a daily basis for tasks such as washing and drying dishes, cleaning our counter tops, washing windows, and much more. We've even found some out-of-the-ordinary uses where they come in handy. For example, placing one inside of a bowl of salad before you refrigerate it will help to keep the salad crisp. Also, wrapping a slightly damp paper towel around a stale piece of bread, and then microwaving it for a short time, seems to help soften the bread back up. In addition, covering a bowl with a paper towel before you microwave it, will catch any splashing food before it flies out of the bowl. Heck, I've even used these paper towels to dry off after a shower when no regular towels were available. (TMI? sorry).

Besides using them at home, for the last several years you'd almost never catch me outside the house without a couple of folded up Bounty paper towels tucked inside my pockets. When I'm away from home I use them for all sorts of little tasks, such as cleaning off tables and seats in a restaurant, cleaning my sunglasses, drying my hands when no other towels are available, etc.

I have rolls of these paper towels stashed in the house, the garage, and my car because I can always find a use for them. And, now that Bounty offers the "Select-a-Size" rolls, they are even more economical to use than ever. These are the only paper towels that I'll use.