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Bourne Conspiracy

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By Laurence Elliott on
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This game sums up many parts of all three games but focuses on the first story. It puts you in the shoes of Jason Bourne as you try to find out your true identity. Put into the game is the same amount of action if not more from the films. This keeps the game interesting and very playable. The levels in the game take place in some areas that may be familiar if you look back at the films but otherwise they are not that similar.

An addition to the game form the films is an increased amount of shooting and fighting this keeps the game fresh and keeps you on your toes. The fighting scenes allow you to use parts of the environment to use against your opponent. Sometimes the fights can take a while especially when you re put against a boss. These generally take quite a lot of practice to learn what to do.

You also have the addition of Bourne Instinct that lets you use adrenaline that you build up from headshots, kills and fighting enemies. This allows you to do special takedowns, which make the game easier in some parts, but also allows you to use them tactically such as sprinting takedowns so you can quickly get past an enemy if you are in a time limit. This can also be done in a fight with up to three people where you can take them down one by one, one after the other. Then finally, it can be use with a gun and take down a certain amount of people in one move.

Following on from that there is a large amount of weapons that you can choose from ranging from handguns to semi automatic machine guns. You can hold two guns at one so you can use tactics to keep going through the game.

Sadly, there are a few negatives to this game, which are mainly the fact that there is a small selection of levels and there is only one driving mission, but it is a good level none the less. On the other hand, all of the levels take quite a long time and they can be done on three different difficulty levels, trainee, agent and assassin. This keeps it going. However, sadly, the game does start to deteriorate after you have completed the games on all different difficulties but there are also other objectives that can gain you rewards such as boss levels and movie clips if you collect a certain amount of passports in a level. The game does make sense though and does follow on nicely especially if you are a fan of the films or books.