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Bow Wow Sham Wow Review

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jennem By jennem on
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If you have a tv, you've probably seen Sham Wow advertised in an infomercial. I'm no sham expert, but I do know quite a bit about wet dogs.

I have a large dog, and when it's raining towels are not enough. Even when I put the towel down in front of the back door to catch the muddy footprints before they make it to the carpet, he manages to avoid it.

I was intrigued when I saw a package of Sham Wows at Petsmart. I hadn't really throught of it in terms of dogs. The package I bought came with four large ones, yellow, and three small ones in blue.

The small ones might work okay for a smaller dog, but my dog is big. I could use an extra-large size. However, the large ones work pretty well, definitely better than a towel. I've used the smaller ones for soaking up spills in the kitchen. They are also good for placing under my dog's water dish to catch the spills.

These are machine washable, which I like. I use a lot of paper towels, and as someone who is environmentally conscious I like to have a replacement for those whenever possible. Mine did get holes in them after several washings.