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Bowflex Revolution

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Talk about the most useless waste of money anyone could invest in for their health. Let me spare you and suggest spending this money on a 1-year gym membership.

Here's a basic rundown of why this thing will only shrink your wallet, and not improve your body. First, not all resistance training is bad, but in this case it is. These "bows" do not offer consistent resistance. When you actually pick up a free weight or any type of real weight in a gym and do a repetition, say 80lbs, you will have that full 80lbs against your muscles throughout every millisecond and position of that repetition. Not with this machine. With these "bows", you will only get the "weight resistance" at a certain part of the rep, it starts easy, then it gets harder, then it gets easy. With weights, it's hard the whole way through, and that equals real results.

Second, did I say this thing is a waste of money? You would do yourself a much better service buying a gym membership. Why? Because a friend with you at the gym will push you and spot you as well, enabling you to go that extra mile you wouldn't go on your own.

But, if you are truly hell-bent on having a home workout solution, spend your money on something that will really bust your ass and produce real results, like the P90X program combined with some free-weights, a pull-up bar, and a workout mat. That's way cheaper, and a hundred times more effective.

Or, you can go buy a bowflex and use it religiously and ask yourself in 6 months from now "why do I still look like gumby?".