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Boxcar Children Mysteries Books For Kids!

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I look back fondly to the mid-late 1990s and the excitement I shared with my daughter with the release of each new book in the Boxcar Children series. My daughter loved to read and she loved this series!

The Boxcar Children books are mysteries written for kids around the ages of 7-12. The books are paperback, usually about 120 pages long, and are just plain good wholesome fun.

There are four members of The Boxcar Children family: Henry - oldest brother, twelve year old Jessie, ten year old Violet, and eight year old Benny. These children were orphaned after their parents died. Their grandfather received custody of them, but hearing a rumor that their grandfather was mean, the Alden children run off to live in a boxcar. Eventually, their grandfather finds them and takes them to live with him in New England. They find out what a wonderful man he really is.

With titles such as The Mystery Cruise, The Ice Cream Sundae Mystery, The Mystery at Snowflake Inn, The Cereal Box Mystery, The Mystery of the Purple Pool, and so many more, the Boxcar Children lead a very amazing life. Your children will feel as though they are right there having fun with the Alden Children, looking for clules and solving mysteries.

It has been 66 years since Gertrude Chandler Warner's first Boxcar Children book rolled off the press. Although she died in 1979, at the age of 89, her series has lived on, much to the delight of her young audience (and their parents!). Today's books are "created by" Ms Chandler.

The Boxcar children are not the bratty little disrespectful children I find in today's movies and sitcoms. They are caring and helpful. They have many good traits, including a good sense of humor. I never worried about what type of book my daughter was reading when she was curled up with a Boxcar Mystery.

My daughter identified with Violet. Violet was artistic and they both loved purple. I think if your child identifiies with one of the Alden children, they may like this series. I don't know what else could explain why, as much as my daughter loved this series, I can't get my grandson interested in it.

Yesterday, I read him the Mystery At The Fair. He enjoyed some parts of it, but he did not relish the story or the idea of the Boxcar children, like my daughter did. I suppose this series is not for everyone. When he did the book report for this book, he said he liked the mystery part of the story, but other than that, he was bored. Perhaps girls may enjoy this series more than boys??

Ah, but being only the first Boxcar book he has read, I wonder if he might change his mind with The Mystery at the Ballpark, The Hockey Mystery, or The Dinosaur Mystery? If that doesn't work, I will move on to a different series, something he is interested in.

But I know my daughter, even though she is now in college, still holds very dear to her heart, the Boxcar Children Series. I thank Gertrude Chandler Warner for creating it!