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Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks Smooth, The Best

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Boye crochet hook on afghan project

Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks - The Best

These are the hands-down best crochet hooks for any project.

You might think, a crochet hook is a piece of some material with a hook on the end, right? What’s the big deal? I’m here to tell you!

Over the years I’ve used crochet hooks made of plastic, wood, steel, even bone, and aluminum ones. There is nothing like the feel and smoothness of the aluminum.

A smooth surface that does not catch or hinder the movement of the yarn is important for keeping an even tension in your work. These aluminum hooks are absolutely smooth. Steel ones get corrosion spots. Wooden ones can get nicks or even develop splinters or break. Plastic ones can get nicks too. Probably the most comparable that I’ve used are the polished bone. But that one is an antique that I got from my grandmother. I don’t know if you can even buy those any more.

Let’s talk about the hook itself. Most plastic hooks just seem to have a notch whacked into the head which isn’t smoothed out nicely. Boye crochet hooks have just the tiniest bit of a neck, and a tapered beak on the hook. They slide smoothly through the loops as you are working. This makes it easier for a beginner to deal with the mechanics of the stitches, and makes it possible for an experienced crocheter to work quickly.

Boye 6-inch aluminum hooks, by Wright, come in sizes from B to N (2.25mm to 9 mm). The afghan hooks (14 inches) come in sizes from F to K (3.75mm to 6.5 mm). Boye offers other types of crochet hooks as well, but these are the aluminum ones. Another great feature is that each size is a different color. If you have multiple projects going at one time you can usually remember which color hook goes with which project when the letter size might not be so memorable.

Made in China.