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Boye Needle Master Kit

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The Boye Needle Master Kit is a set of "do-it-yourself" knitting needles. It consists of pairs of metal needle tips in sizes ranging from 2 to 15, several different lengths of cord to turn the tips into actual needles, and a few little gadgets to make sure they are secured tightly and won't surprise you with a lap full of loops after you turn your work around. They make circular needles as well as flexible straight ones. (Not surprising, the straight ones are really only straight if you stretch out the plastic covered cord.) The whole set comes in a very handy, albeit rather ugly, black or brown faux leather zippered case. Putting your things away and organizing is a cinch with this kit, which is a big plus if you tend to lose track of stuff like I do.

Working with metal needles is a matter of personal preference, I love them because they are strong, give me enough slipperiness to keep my speed up, and I like the feel of them in my hands. Wooden needles make me shiver, like nails down a chalkboard, and plastic (or resin, to use the fancier term) feels too warm and sticky. So for me, the Boye set is brilliant. It has all the sizes I need regularly except for sock sizes, but for those I use sets of 5 double pointed needles anyway. It has enough connectors to make one really, awkwardly long cable and all of the lengths that you generally come across in patterns.

I only have two things against this kit: first of all, the yarn tends to catch on the spot where the tip connects to the cable. Not enough to do damage or cause me to drop stitches, but enough to feel a little "bump" if you will, and that can be especially annoying if you are a tight knitter. Second, it is a LOT of money to spend on knitting supplies. Worth it, absolutely, in my eyes. But a heck of an investment. A tip for those who are interested: shop around. The price varies greatly depending on where you look, and Ebay can be your best buddy in this case!