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Brand Name Recipes Cookbook

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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I have a cookbook called the Brand Name Recipes Cookbook and it is one of my favorites that I own. I have used a lot of the recipes, over the years.

It was published in 1992, the year I graduated from high school. I think I bought it around 1995 or '96.

It had really good pictures in it. I think I started making a lot of the recipes, because of how good the picture looked.

It tells you what name brands to use in your recipes. I have used different brands, in place of what it has said and my dishes would turn out fine.

But, for the people who are scared of messing up a recipe, clamming they can't cook, this type of book is wonderful for them. That is how I use to be. I was so scared of cooking for friends and using new recipes, worrying it would be a desaster.

Now I get the basics and mix a little and stir a little then taste. If its not right I just add a little of something else.

These recipes are also good, in the fact, that you can find all the ingredients at any store.

One of my favorate recipes is a Lemon Blueberry Poppy Seed Bread, yum mm. I make this for people at Christmas and they love it.

I have a hard time, giving up my recipes to people I know, because if they have it, my dishes aren't so special anymore. If others can make it, why would they ask you to? Does anyone else feel that way?

Maybe I'm a little crazy like that.

Another one of them, is a Lazy Lasagna, it is so easy to make and looks like its not. My husband is the type of person, who thinks if food was hard to make, it taste better. So I love this recipe. I try to make simple recipes look like they were hard to make.

Those two recipes alone would cause me to fight over this book, but there are a whole lot more to choice from. Check it out.