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Breaking Dawn By Stephanie Meyer

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Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final book in the Twilight series. It was published in August of 2008 and continues to stay on the number one best seller book.

This book is a little different from the other three. Usually Bella Swan would tell the whole story but in this book, Bella tells the first part and Jacob tells the last part of the story.

Breaking Dawn is tells about the beginning of bella as a vampire. At the begginning of the book, Edward and Bella get married. The second part is about Edward and Bella's honeymoon on a private island. Bella discovers she is pregnant. After confirming her belief, they both head home and while Edward is afraid for her safety, Bella decides to keep the child and decides to contact Rosalie (a Cullen sister) knowing that Rosalie has always wanted children.

The second part from Jacob Blacks perspective last through Bella's pregnancy. The pack of wolves that Jacob is part of knows that Bella's unborn child is dangerous. The werewolves plan to kill Bella to keep the child from reaking havoc. Jacob disagrees that this is not the best plan of action and revolts, starting his own pack of werewolves.

Will, Bella give birth and if so will she live through it? And most importantly, will Bella be able to keep her friendship with Jacob while she is married to Edward.

I reccomend that you read this last book to find out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.