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Breast Cancer Earbuds

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I was looking for new earbuds to use with my iPod recently. I knew I wanted over the ear style buds, but I didn't want big bulky ones that go over or around the head. I found these Breast Cancer ones and decided to give them a try. They have worked out great and I'm glad I went with them over the others I was looking at.


Size- These ear buds are an over the ear style, but do not have a connecting bar that goes over or around the head. They are independent of each other just like other in ear buds. This makes it possible to wrap the cord around your Mp3 player and fit them anywhere you carry it.

The earbuds are made to fit men and women's ears both. They are a bit big behind the ear for me, but I like it because they are not tight. The bud that goes in your ear is a good size, but I have noticed that the one in my left ear slides loose sometimes.

Sound- The sounds is great out of these earbuds! I can hear every detail of every song...even some I have never heard before. Sometimes I even think there is something coming from behind or next to me until I realize it is in my earbuds! Even with the sound on my iPod all the way up I still get great, clean sound.

Color and Support- These earbuds are hot pink and have a little breast cancer ribbon on the ear piece. The cord is solid white. The color really stands out to show your support for the breast cancer awareness cause. There is a sticker on the front of the box that tells $2.50 from every purchase goes towards breast cancer research. It might not be much of the total price, but every little bit counts!


Fit- Like I stated above, the clip around the ear is a little big on my ears, but I like it. The little part that fits in your ear is a little big for my ears, but they still fit. Sometimes the left one slides out, but I just push it back in.

Long wear comfort- I can wear these earbuds usually with no problem or discomfort, but if I wear them for more than about an hour straight they can start to hurt. Once I take them out of my ear I have some soreness, but it goes away shortly after. Also, it takes a bit of adjusting to find a decently comfortable spot to lay my head down with them.