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Breastfeeding Battle Is Over :0

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When my son Nico was born I tried to breastfeed him, but WE FOUGHT. The hospital gave him a bottle without asking me, so when I went to nurse him he refused. When my daughter was born I was determined to nurse. I decide when I was 7 months pregnant that I needed help. I went to the local book store and found this book The Everything Breast Feeding Book. I read the book while I was still pregnant and highlighted everything I would need to refrence back to. When it came time and Jayna was born I told the nurse NO BOTTLE let her starve. I figure she would eat when she was hungry and so It began. I plopped her on my breast, she was heasitant at first but while she was on my nipple I was reading in this book about the right way a baby should be latching. I used the refrence in the book to help me get her mouth comfortable around my nipples instantly she started sucking.

If you have nursing children or plan to this book is great.This is a book about Breastfeeding. In this book it talks about the type of milk you will have, how important it is to nurse, type of breast pumps you can buy, the your content of breast milk, what foods to eat for healthier milk, what foods to avoid and why, how to increse your milk supply, nipple confusion in infants, how much milk a baby needs and at what age, a nursing mother plugged ducts and how to treat them, sore nipples, leaking milk, Engorgment and tones more information that will make your breastfeeding experience much more satisfying and less painful.